The Plot

Vincent Cross is far from home. Hiding from his past in Detroit. A burned out psychic who on occasion helps a local Detective solve impossible cases. Whilst working on one such case, Vincent is shot in the head and winds up in a coma. Upon awakening he returns to his hometown of Silverlake to convalesce. Just as he is soaking up the small town’s serenity; he witnesses a murder. A chain of horrific events are set in motion that throw Vincent back into the world he was running from. He finds himself the hunted, fighting for his life. His only aid; a compass that is a conduit to the spirit world.

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The Writer/Director

Simon Mordue

Simon's earliest recollections of film, are those of watching Friday night horror double bills with the volume turned down (so as not to awaken his parents). At 11 years old he saw George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. He realized that “Night” was a far cry from the run-of-the-mill horror flicks he would sneak downstairs to watch late at night. Romero had woven personal politics and social commentary into a Docu-drama that played out over the fast paced breakdown of society. It had a deeply profound affect on him. After seeing it, he knew that he wanted to be a filmmaker. Years passed before he took off for the States with a small battered suitcase, a handful of clothes, a couple of scripts and a Lonely Planets guide. He attended New York Film Academy in 2000. In 2006, he met fellow writer, Will Burgess. He had almost given up on writing and resigned himself to a life in the kitchen. Inspired by Will’s insistence that he had something special, he decided to revisit an adaptation of a novel he had written; called THE UNSEEN. After tightening the script, he set about finding an agent and approaching producers. Even though he received a great deal of positive feedback from well respected industry professionals, he finally tired of waiting and decided to shoot a trailer. “I had it all clearly in my head. I just needed to find my journeymen. I couldn’t pay anyone anything. I could only hope that the work would speak for itself and that those who did come on board, would do it because they were passionate.” In 2011/12, he began to assemble a cast and crew. The crew consisted of himself as Writer, Producer, Director and special FX coordinator. Two camera/sound men. Gabriel Berde and Max Petrich. Melissa Vento, make up artist. On bigger shoots, Will Burgess would jump in to help manage the location and generally assist. The cast were actors whom he had met serendipitously whilst establishing himself in New York. “All of the elements that one would need to pull this off, came together in the most unexpected ways. It was as though, the moment I decided to do it, the Universe started to align me with this amazing group of people.” The Unseen trailer was shot over 2013 and 2014. Then edited by Mr. Mordue between Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015. “My intent is to raise funds via kickstarter, or indiegogo. I am then going to approach producers with the trailer, script and some of the budget. Making the trailer was like bootcamp for me. I like to think of myself as a good horse to back.” Simon Mordue has written other full length features. FLUX and VISITING GRAVES. He adapted a London based Cult musical for the big screen. A LIFE IN THE DAZE OF STANLEY BISHOP. He has also worked with Will Burgess, on an adaptation of Will’s novel, AND YESTERDAY, I SAW HER AT THE TRACK. Together they turned the novel into a dramatic TV series. Simon is currently in the middle of two screenplays. PLANTATION and THE BARON.

The Actors

Josh Ford - Actor

Josh Ford, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, has been acting and modeling in NYC for the past 8 years. He has worked in TV, Film, Theatre, Commercial & Print. Cousin to Broadway legend Rob Ashford.

Emma Dubery - Actor

Emma Dubery originally hails from Leeds, West Yorkshire in the North of England. After guest starring in various TV shows in the UK as a teenager Emma moved to NYC to train at The Strasberg Institute, completing their 2 year conservatory program. Since graduating she has starred in many independent films, the latest of which (Phobia) has just been released in both the USA & UK. Emma currently has two films making their way through festivals. As well as acting, Emma is also an avid writer and photographer. She is currently developing three feature length screenplays one specifically of which she will produce and direct herself. Along with her own photography collection, Emma has been asked to shoot models, musicians & most recently a look book campaign for Lee Lai Natural Skincare. To see more information on Emma Dubery visit

Anthony Laurent - Actor

Anthony recently co-starred in the short films “A Short Visit” and “Love Always, Eartha,” as well as filmed an episode of “Going Deep with David Rees” (to air soon on the National Geographic Channel). His credits also include episodic work on “All My Children” and a recurring role on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s “Delocated.” He also co-starred in the film “Hotel Chelsea,” “Jackpot,” and “Something Old, Something New.” An avid boxer, Anthony helps prepare amateur boxers for life inside and outside the ring. In 2002 he started Kelly’s Loving Hands, a non-profit entity dedicated to promoting financial literacy of young people.

Ned Van Zandt - Actor

Ned Van Zandt is a bi-coastal actor best known for Hal Ashby's Coming Home (1978), Halfway Home (1998) and Glissando (2002). He has also worked in television; on such shows as - Lost, Weeds, Hawaii-five-O and Law and Order. See more at

Miranda Childs - Actor

Miranda Childs is a bicoastal, New York trained actress. For more information visit

The Crew

Adrian Innaimo - Composer

Adrian Innaimo’s first instrument was the flute. Ironically, it wasn’t until after he started playing guitar- an instrument far more suited to impressing girls- that he managed an appreciation for Jethro Tull. His music sounds nothing like Jethro Tull. After long hours of writing, practicing and performing (once) in high school, he entered college determined to master the guitar. Three semesters later, he entered the contracting industry, determined to master screenwriting. After many more, long hours, he succeeded, in mastering contracting. Eventually, his conscience resurfaced, and he resumed writing music as his primary reason for not killing himself. Years later, he is the primary composer, lead singer and guitarist for Sheryl Crow and The Avengers!, a Brooklyn-based rock group, which has no affiliation with Sheryl Crow. He is also currently writing for an Off-Broadway musical production.

John Superlongname Smith - Boom Mic Operator

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